What is Salt Water Taffy?

Salt Water Taffy is an American chewy sweet with its origins in Atlantic City in the 1880s.  Ours are made from a base of sugar, golden syrup and evaporated milk brought to a boil and cooked to just the right temperature.  It is then cooled for a short while, and pulled by hand to give it a light but chewy texture.  It isn't made from salt water, but ours does have distinctive crystals of Maldon salt throughout.  If you've never tried it before you must - shop Salt Water Taffy.

What makes your sweets different?

All our flavours have a complexity to them - they're not just 'sweet'.  There's the bitterness of our innovative Beer & Peanut Caramels, the deep savoury flavour of the Soy & Sesame Caramels and the peppery kick in the Black Pepper Caramels.  They are delicious sweets to linger over and to be savoured.

Not only do we try and create interesting flavour combinations, we have taken a great deal of time to get the recipes exactly right for each of our sweets.  It took over sixty batches of caramels to get the right amount of chew for our Salted Caramels.  We also source the best possible ingredients for all our sweets, from exceptional Tellicherry Black Pepper from Peppermongers, to the perfect blend of two different ales from an amazing local brewery, Elgoods in Cambridgeshire.  Each sweet takes time to produce, and we believe this makes them the best tasting sweets.

We're also very proud that our sweets won 5 awards at this year's Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food.  The Peanut Butter Salt Water Taffy won a coveted 2 stars, and our Salted Caramels, Soy & Sesame Caramels, Spearmint Taffy and Raspberry Sherbet Dipper all won 1 star each.

Are you sold in any shops?

We launched in Selfridges in July and have some amazing stockists both locally in Cambridgeshire and further afield.  Please see this page for details. 

Where does the name Canesmith come from?

The core ingredient of all of ours sweets is wonderful golden cane sugar, and given our Chief of Sweets, Laura's, maiden name was Smith, it seemed like a great combination.  To us, a Canesmith is someone who crafts delicious confectionery and does magical things with simple old sugar.

Who took the photos for your website?

A great local photographer called Alistair, from Bokeh Photographic

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